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"...A stripped down, faster, leaner, more secure alternative to WordPress." ~ Bob Dumouchel

PubWriter is a effortless way to publish to the web. A save-to-publish solution, you work locally and your work is automatically published when you click save. You own your domain. Your work is backed up to your own Dropbox. It's optimized for speed and responsive for mobile devices. PubWriter is an ultra-fast low-bandwidth responsive static webpage generator built on Bootstrap w/support for Markdown. There has never been a faster way to build a webpage!


One-click publishing

PubWriter is a 'web canvas' that allows you to publish and manage your web content through your own Dropbox on your own domain. You create (or edit) your page, hit save and seconds later, it's published on your website. There's nothing to upload, patch, or maintain. It's a true 'Save-to-Publish' solution.

Advantages PubWriter offers over other web publishing platforms:

  1. Your entire site is backed up at all times and on your own Dropbox account (allowing access from any device).
  2. It's mobile friendly (more than 50% of all web traffic is now accessed via mobile devices).
  3. Since it's a static page, it loads extremely fast (helpful for your Google ranking).
  4. All sites come with an SSL certificate (https://)
  5. Markdown allows you to use almost any editor on any platform (as long as it supports plain text).
  6. It runs on the Bootstrap 4 framework (which offers an ever expanding array of plugins and tools to enhance your site).
  7. You can share your Dropbox with an editor (or collaborators) who can edit your work and his/her changes will be applied to your site when they hit save (no more back & forth emailing files).

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What's included?

  1. A custom domain name, e.g. mynextbestseller.com.
  2. Webpage templates you can edit to get your site up quickly (in some cases within minutes).
  3. A customized theme (including background, font styles and navigation menu).
  4. We will support you with training to get your content published to the new site, but you always have 100% control over your content.
  5. We will host and maintain the site for a modest annual fee (see below) including tech support.

PubWriter was inspired by Andy Weir, author of The Martian who published his book on his own website, exposing him to thousands of readers which ultimately landed him a very lucrative book/movie deal.

The main goal of PubWriter is to make publishing effortless, and once you learn how to write in PubWriter, it's published the moment you hit save.

Summary of the PubWriter Platform (or what's included with your subscription):

  1. You get a domain name of your choosing, e.g. mynextbestseller.com
  2. PubWriter sets up a Dropbox with this domain name including shared folders
  3. PubWriter adds meta tags, keywords and other SEO friendly background to the web site
  4. PubWriter works with you to establish a basic scheme for your website - background, font style, navigation, etc.
  5. PubWriter offers ongoing tech support (through our support site) and optional additional design services.

For you techies, you will be happy to know that Pubwriter runs on the bootstrap framework, utilizes markdown, and is fully responsive (mobile friendly).

Indeed, in case you are already wondering - of course, this page was written in PubWriter.

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