Ready for a more effective website?

Let us worry about your website so you can focus on your business.

Our mission is to bring fast, affordable, high quality websites to as many small businesses as we can on the central coast. We'll provide you a website that  is faster, more secure, and optimized for mobile devices. 

Local and Available

We live and work where you do. We are part of the same community. We know more about your customers because we know your customers. As a technology based small business since 2009, we understand the necessity of wearing multiple hats and going the extra mile.

Less is More 

The sites we build are minimalist by design, a bloated website that loads slow is doing you more harm than good. Our approach is to offload resources whenever possible to keep your site clean and lean. Is your site easy to navigate? Is your value proposition crystal clear?

Earn 1st on Google 

PubWriter sites are designed with Google in mind. We run audits on the sites we build and you never need to worry about your site being down. We follow industry best practices and utilize webmaster tools and analytics to optimize your site.

Increase Customer Reviews

We'll direct your happy customers to share a review where it'll get noticed. One of the smartest things you can do is get more reviews to build social proof. One of the key metrics we use as a measure of our success (in addition to web traffic) is the growth of reviews.

Time for an Assessment?

If you haven't done a technology audit recently, you are likely paying for services you no longer need. Our technology makes it possible to accomplish on a shoestring what used to cost a fortune. 

Future Proof

What makes PubWriter unique is that all the content for your website is stored in your own Dropbox! The files that make up your web pages are plain text files (markdown to be precise). This means you will always have access to your content and it's backed up the moment it's created. You own all your content and it'll never be locked up in a proprietary format.

Long-term Partnerships are Built on Trust

A partner you can trust is one who looks for ways to grow your business. We'll suggest ways ideas and strategies to leverage your website to grow your business. If you haven't sat down with a website marketing expert lately, let us show us what you don't know.

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