What is PubWriter?

A fast, mobile friendly, secure web canvas tailored to small businesses, creators, speakers, instructors, consultants, and more! Your webpages are effortlessly published through your dropbox account as soon as you hit save. It's a true single click publishing platform.

PubWriter thrives thanks to the speed and simplicity of the pages built on it. Ultimately, users will choose from hundreds of professionally designed page templates to take the guess work out of creating a website.

Your visitors will land on a familiar looking page that easy to navigate to find the info they need in a hurry.

Give the themes switcher a try now! Choose a different same theme on the dropdown above and watch the site magically transform!

Mobile First

It's optimized for mobile devices. When it comes to mobile, less is more.

Secure by Design

Because of the tight integration with your Dropbox account, you never need to worry about losing a file. Dropbox is free for up to 2GB per year. Every site is setup with an SSL certificate (https) which google now is beginning to enforce.

SEO Friendly

Utilizing Google's Webmaster Search Console and Google Analytics, you'll be able to monitor visitors to your site and get tips on how to optimize for more traffic. Because our pages load fast, default to https and passes the google mobile test, you can rest assured knowing your site will rank well. We'll show you how to add your site to Google Local to give your visibility an extra boost!

A One Hour Website!?

Most client sites are up and running within an hour! When we set your page, it will meet your immediate needs at a very affordable price. As your business grows, you can add easy scale it to meet your needs.

Highly Customizable

You choose your font, colors, and page background. We'll help keep the site streamlined, but rest assured it will reflect your brand. Your site can incorporate any of the 900+ Google Fonts, 1,500 Font Awesome Icons, or 2 million+ Noun Project Icons.

You can embed video, audio, and more (check out the realtor demo). Simple payment buttons can connect to most ecommerce systems include paypal, wave, stripe, and more.

Cost Effective

For less than the majority of web tools out there, we'll get you started with a web personalized web presence that will become the foundation for your success. Our standard setup includes all the most important features!

Sample Websites